The 18th Asian Australasian Animal Production Congress (AAAP) 2018 Congress will make available funds to support travel of eligible current senior undergraduate or graduate students under a Student Travel Grant (STG) scheme to attend, and present their research findings at the congress in Kuching, Malaysia.


The STG will provide a grant of Malaysian Ringgit One Thousand Only (MYR1000) to enable eligible students to attend and present their research findings at the AAAP 2018 Congress. The eligibility of the recipient will be determined by the organizing committee. Any appeal due to a failure of securing this grant will not be entertained.

Travel grant will be given to the registered recipients at the registration counter with proven identity (i.e. passport).



  • Registered recipients must be the presenters at the Congress and be listed in the program. Note that for co-authored papers, only the first author (student) is eligible for a grant. Should in any event the recipient is unable to attend the Congress, the grant will be forfeited.
  • Only one student per paper may apply.
  • Only one grant per department at an institution will be awarded.
  • List of eligible countries:
    • Bangladesh
    • China (excluding Hong Kong & Taiwan)
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Iran
    • Malaysia
    • Mongolia
    • Nepal
    • Pakistan
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Philippines
    • Sri Lanka
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam


The students must submit:

  1. Application form
  2. CV or Resume (1-2 page), including:
    • current research area/interest & Title of your study
    • other conferences you have attended (if any)
    • All papers you have presented (if any)
  3. Letter of support: A letter on official letterhead from the applicant’s supervisor. The letter must affirm that the student requires travel funding to attend the Congress. The letter must be in the form of a PDF document.
  4. Proof of AAAP 2018 Congress registration and payment
  5. A copy of the abstract submitted to the Congress.
  6. Statement of need: Need for conference travel assistance. If no justification is given, the application will not be considered.


Evaluation criteria

The only complete application will be reviewed.

Complete applications will be reviewed by an evaluation committee. The evaluation criteria will include the student’s need and lack of funding alternatives, the requested budget, and benefits to the student of attending the conference. Naturally, applicants must also meet all the requirements listed in the “Criteria for Application” section, above.


Deadline for Student Travel Grant Application: 30th June 2018

Please submit your application form & supporting documents to the committee at

Click here to download the application form


All applicants will be notified of their standing by email.  Please give at least two to three weeks after the deadline date to receive notice of your standing.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the secretariat.